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Update 8/5/2018

Update!! The Good: We poured our concrete bar top and rear counter in our tap room. The bar finish work will be underway this week. Our bathrooms are almost complete. Our driveway entrance has been paved and line striped. The parking lot grading is underway.. The Bad 😞 While we’ve been striving to open before the end of summer, some unexpected delays have hit us hard in the timeline. No one is bummed about this more than we are, but we want everyone to have the best possible experience when our doors open. Our new tentative opening will be leaning more towards Fall. We want to thank everyone for the continued support, as it’s given us the motivation we need right now.. The love from followers who have reached out online, or stopped by to lend some positive reinforcement has been overwhelming. We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted, and take some progress pics along the way. As always let’s get those likes and shares up! Spread the word!

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