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Tapr00m H0urs

M0nday+Wednesday: 1-8PM / Thursday:12-8pm / Fri+Sat:12-9pm / Sunday:12-8pm

-SnACK Items available daily-
Fresh Baked 8" Pers0nal pizzas 
s0ft pretzels
Chicken Tenders
M0zzarella Sticks

f0rk'n g00d nuts
ass0rted snacks
*Leashed friendly pets all0wed in 0ur 0utd00r bier garden*
*0r Pavilli0n 0nly*

Ab0ut L0g Tavern Brewing

L0g Tavern Brewing C0mpany is dedicated t0 high quality craft beer brewed with pride in Milf0rd Pennsylvania. L0g Tavern was built 0n years 0f home brewing and a passi0n f0r great beer 0f all styles. 0ur l0ve 0f nature and the great 0utd00rs has made Milf0rd, located in Pike C0unty Pennsylvania, a perfect place f0r L0g Tavern Brewing C0mpany t0 call h0me. 

ALL c0ntent © c0pyright Log Tavern Brewing Company 2023

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