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L0g Tavern Brewing C0mpany Is l0cated @: 309 E. Harf0rd Street Building-2, Milf0rd, P.A.,18337. 

Fr0m New Jersey - G0 right after cr0ssing over the Milf0rd bridge. 0ur drive way is l0cated 1/4 mile 0n the left afterMidlantic Realty and bef0re Tequila Sunrise.

Fr0m 84 - Take exit 46 f0r Milf0rd, then take r0ute 6 east int0 Milf0rd. G0 straight at the traffic light, and L0g Tavern Brewing is 1/8 mile 0n the right.
(after Tequila Sunrise and bef0re MidAtlantic Realty)
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